Our work is not an ordinary wedding video.
They are wedding film that is cinematic.
Each film is different and unique as each one was created to capture the personalities of each couple.

Joelle + Mike // A Breathtaking Wedding next to Ottawa River

Everyone has their own unique way to express their love and those expressions should be captured in the most authentic, special, and organic way. When I met Mike and Joelle for the first time, seeing the affection they have for each other, the way they hold each other’s hand while talking to me, I know instantly that I should focus their wedding movie on their feelings and how they express their love to each other. In the movie, Mike read a poem he wrote for his beloved wife – Joelle, called “The Beauty behind the lens”. It did not only deliver the message of love and admiration he has for Joelle, it also became the soul of the movie. Thank Mike for making my job a lot easier 🙂 Joelle and Mike, thanks for having me as part of your special day. The film is a testament of your trust in my work and I am forever grateful.

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C l o e e + W a s s i m // Sala San Marco

The 2020 Platinum Award Winner as “The Best Wedding Videography” (Judges’ Choice) at Wedding Awards 2020.

Again, one of those times where words don’t do justice. Cloee C.Baulne and Wassim celebrate 10 years of friendships, 5 and half years of love, and it is the honour for me to capture their love story exactly for what it is, and my oh my, the look, the smile, and the love they have for each other are so beautiful and contagious. The joy these two shares is absolutely incredible! If you have a few minutes and want to have your heart filled with happiness, let’s watch their wedding film below.

Sala San Marco Event & Conference Centre Ottawa //  Chanel Taillefer Photographe // Sts Peter and paul church // Interlace Group Events // Aces Parade // Naomi Dani  // Sabine Abou-Jaoude // The Gathering Event Company // White Satin Bridal Couture // LongN Media

Jordan + Karsten // Amazing personal vow and the couple know how to throw a party

On Valentine’s Day, what’s more, special than showing love, expressing love and that’s why today, we are sharing the wedding video of Jordan and Karsten. Every wedding I was a part of, I see so much joy, laughter, and happiness but there’s something even more special about this one. The reception was truly remarkable, started with a unique, fun entrance of the bridal party then onto Karsten’s emotional breakdown when he saw Jordan coming down the aisle with her mom, follow by the witty personal vows of the couple (one of my favorite parts by the way) and end it with a very unique way of sealing the vow (you can guess… there’s alcohol involved – shots 🙂 ). Despite the current restriction on gathering limit, Jordan, Karsten, and their wedding party turned the day into a perfect event with their unique, happy, and joyful personalities. Thank you for giving us a chance to be a part of your special day. We loved it very much… and one last thing I got to say… Who would have thought that a wedding could not be fun without the dance floor? we can’t wait to show you how amazing this wedding is. Hit the play button, volume up, and enjoy the wedding film.

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Jesse + Todd // Sweet & Intimate Backyard Wedding

Over a month before the wedding day, Jesse reached out to me to express that the wedding of her and her soulmate will be in their childhood backyard. I knew right then that it will be one of the sweetest and most memorable weddings ever. Due to the pandemic, many of their beloved family and friends could not join them to celebrate their special day, but they planned a very unique way to make it even more special – a drive-by parade with lots of cheering and honking (my ears still hurt from all the honking j/k). It was spectacular. Intimate, loving, and warm are what I can remember about the day. I am honoured to have the pleasure to share those special moments with Jesse, Todd, their parents, grandparents and siblings. Thank you so much for letting me capture your beautiful day. L’amour conquiert tout. Love is not cancelled.

THE TEAM|Chelsea Mason Photography | Finesse By Jess | John Robertson | Makeup Artist Yelena Perunov |Hair By Amanda | Rental Village | Caitie Moore |Pocopazzo | LongN Media

Savannah + Benjamin // Love is not Cancelled

Who would have thought 2020 could be so wild. The novel Coronavirus is affecting all of us in so many aspects of our lives… physically, emotionally, financially and especially love birds ready to tie the knot… along with many other couples who had to cancel or put their celebration plans on hold. Although the Covid-19 might have cancelled almost everything, one thing it cannot cancel is LOVE Savannah and Benjamin chose a more conventional, unique way to celebrate the love they have for each other with a small, intimate ceremony.
Today, I am so happy to share with you the love story of Savannah and Ben. I am still on cloud 9 how beautiful the wedding film turns out. It was a very special moment capturing Savannah and her Dad entered the ceremony with her childhood friend of 22 years – Warrior, the beautiful white horse with blue eyes that have been together with Savannah since she was eight. Not forget to mention, besides being a teacher, Savannah is also a great wedding photographer, which her business was named after Warrior Warrior Prints Photography.
I can’t wait to capture their celebrations with many of their families and friends in the coming year.


G r a c e + D a v i d // Infinity Convention Centre

When two souls fall in love, there is nothing else but the yearning to be close to the other. The presence that is felt through a handheld, a voice heard, or a smile seen. The love, the intimation, the obsession for each other exist in every single frame of Grace Thai and David Thai’s wedding film. We had such an unforgettable time in capturing their wedding and we are excited to share their beautiful and emotional wedding film.
Infinity Convention Centre // Mary Calotes Photo // Monara Events // Pastor Cuong Do // Quality Entertainment // Robinson Limousine // Nancy Ninh (Spry) // Yangtze Restaurant 楊子江酒家 // SuzyQ Doughnuts // Quality Entertainment // LongN Media #ThaiingTheKnot

Danielle + Brandon // Aquatopia

I couldn’t agree more with what the best men mentioned in his speech “I feel that sentiment is only reinforced as we look at today, a national pandemic shutting down the entire world, could not stop this from happening, bringing together two amazing people and two amazing families”. Editing the video footage, I relived the sweat, the tears, the way the beautiful words swept through our ears and lifted our hearts. My favourite moment at this wedding was when Danielle and Brandon had their first long walk in the beautiful greenhouse at Aquatopia and exchanged the love letters they wrote for each other. Thanks for contributing another beautiful wedding film in the LongN Media’s library. Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness. Love Conquers All 

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Intimate Vineyard Wedding of Vanessa and Pierre-Luc // Domaine Perrault

Vanessa and Luc-Pierre truly celebrated their intimate wedding day the way they wanted with the people they love the most whom I can tell 100% love them right back. L’amour conquiert tout. Love is not canceled.

Jessica + Wyatt // Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm

“Love is not about how much you say ‘I love you’, it is about what you do to prove it. May you continue to show your love to each other, each and every day” – Brian Trager, farther of the bride.

Two ordinary people and one true high school sweethearts love story. @melliottjess and Wyatt have been knowing each other since grade 9. They fell in love when they were 16 and have been nearly inseparable ever since. They went through a lot together and understand each other in ways that no one else can. It was so touching being a part of their special day and we are so thankful you two chose us to capture it!

Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm // Hello Lovely // Mill Street Florist // Joan Bruce-Nibogie // 2J’s Music Machine // Beautigo Mobile Beauty // Bridals by Al-mor // LongN Media

V i + H u n g // Le Belvedere

Vi lives in Dallas, Texas, and Hung lives in Ottawa, Canada. On Jul 4th, Victoria Vie and Hung Tran tied the knot at such a gorgeous venue Le Belvedere, on the edge of the charming Wakefield village, surrounding among beloved families and friends from all over the places.
Their wedding is amazing. Their happiness is contagious and it came through in so many ways. Indeed, the tear says it all. Vi and Hung’s emotional letter reading is one of the most beautiful moments that I’ve ever witnessed.
May the years ahead be filled with lasting joy.

Le Belvedere // Danny Campbell Photography // DJ Acie Entertainment // Pollen Nation Floral Studio // LongN Media

Catherine and Matthew // Le Belvedere

“I wish I could stand up here and promise you the world, but the world is not mine to give. What I do promise you is my world and all that it entails. I wish I could promise you smooth sailing but we are certainly going to have ups and downs. But I do promise you I will be by your side, every day.” – by Mat-the Groom.

The love that Cat and Matt have for each other is so contagious that no other word can describe. Cheers to the newlyweds and I am so excited to share this magical experience that an amazing team of vendors created for Cat and Mat at Le Belvedere!
So much love for these two for trusting us with these precious moments!

Le Belvedere // Studio G.R. Martin // Ottawa Flowers // Dail Levesque / Chantal Jacques // Matt Jacques // Natalie Peachy, Makeup Artist // Sophie DesLauriers // Serendipity Cakes by Olivia // With Love Bridal Boutique // Pommier Jewellers // Alliance Bridal // Joseph Abboud // LongN Media

V a l e n t i n a + D i d i e r // Stonefields Estate

We feel so thankful for taking on a wedding that has an amazing team of vendors, a super sweet and fun couple and the kindest group of family and friends. We were lucky enough to experience this dynamic with Valentina Bien-Aimé and Didier Bien-Aimé, and we’re still over the moon from that incredible day. The energy and love they have for each other radiate so much joy around the room, you can’t help but smile when you’re around them. Now let grab a drink, sit back and hit the Play button. Words can’t describe enough how beautiful this wedding is.
Stonefields Estate // Stephanie Mason Photography & Co. // The Gathering Event Company // Wishes Vintage Event Rentals // Valentina’s Creations // Mike Perreault // Brady Andrew Leafloor // Anthony Howard // Ala Bal // Elvira Rino Make Up // SuzyQ Doughnuts // Mario Uomo Italy // La Maison  // Bridal Boutique // With Love Bridal Boutique // Peoples Jewellers //
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D a n a + A d a m // The Grand Hotel

We are still up in the clouds with this truly beautiful wedding film. It is an honour privilege when Dana and Adam fully entrust us to craft our vision of their story, and we commit to creating an atmosphere that will genuinely convey that story.
May today be the beginning of a long, happy life together.

The Grand Hotel // HMphoto.com // Aces Parade // Plenty of Pretty // Ottawa Flowers // DJ KVN – KRZ Productions // Haneen Alsoheli // Ralisah // The Cake Factory Ottawa // La Maison D’or // The Dove Guy, LLC // LongN Media

K a t h r y n + B r a n d o n // Infinity Convention Centre

A “first look” is a lovely newer wedding day tradition when the couple sees each other for the first time before the actual ceremony, and that moment is just as powerful as when they see each other in the aisle. Plus, the couple has more time to together to emote, to cry, to share their thought. Indeed, “first look” is always one of my favourite moments to capture on the wedding day, and I have been asking myself “How do I convince my couple to do the first look?”. Perhaps, the first look moment of Kathryn and Brandon proves it all and that pure beautiful moment is convincing enough.

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